Kuni Kobashi as [Stickymong] is a graphic artist originaly hailed from Tokyo, who now has been residing in California for more than a decade. He's a surfing enthusiast, passionate yogi and used to be a semi-professional musician back in the day. His creation journey has begun since. After his music career slowed down, he was offered to join Sony Music and started working in the business management area. A decade later, he moved on and found this as an awesome opportunity to re-explore who he felt he always was – a creator; and aims to bring people the joys of smiles, laughs and chill vibes with his artwork.

Art. We create whatever art that tells imaginary story without being affected by other people's thoughts.

Graphic design. Our visual solution such as a logo, poster, banner solves your communication issue.

Photography. Always roaming around beaches in San Diego North County seeking the moment.

Surfing. Mostly floating. Sometime shape a board but only for myself (nobody likes my board design.)